Blog 6...Oct 2017


Come Join Us...

We are always looking for new and established artistes.
As we cover a wide spectrum of  entertainment, all genre types can be considered as 2018 is destined to be our busiest year yet as we celebrate 25 years of booking the best in the business.
Please use the auditions page to make initial contact and we can take it from there.


5 Good Reasons to use an Entertainment Agency...

1. Variety
You may have considered a singer or a live band but would you have thought about a tribute act or a comedian? What about meet and greet artistes, drag acts or magicians? Entertainment agencies work with hundreds of performers and can suggest unique acts that will be sure to surprise and amuse the attendants of your event. They can help you establish a specialized theme and help establish the ambiance for your event. Even if you have a great idea, you may not know where to go to find the talent. You may be scrambling to find one on your own but an entertainment agency will have them on speed dial.

2. Quality
You have one chance to get this right. No matter how many recommendations you receive screening for quality can be hit and miss. An entertainment agency will already have established a relationship with the talent that works for them. They will be sure to provide top quality acts with a reputation for success that are suitable for what you have planned. Assured by a proven track record of pleased customers, testimonials, photos, videos and recordings, you will not be burdened by the stress of hoping that the act you hired turns out as well as you expected. Save yourself time and energy by letting an entertainment agency do this work for you. Don’t leave your special day to an agency who is still building their reputation.
Your event is too special to be left to chance.

3. Pricing
An agency will be able to provide competitive pricing on individual acts. Because the performers with an agency get a higher volume of work, they are able to charge more competitive rates than someone working on their own.  Just like in retail, higher volume tends to mean lower prices.

4. Reliability
What if the performers that you have hired get sick, stuck in traffic, or for some unknown reason turn out to be a no-show? No need to panic. This will be the entertainment agency’s responsibility to deal with and provide back-up. Instead of scrambling for a substitute and struggling to obtain a refund, you can relax while the agency takes care of any emergency situation that may occur. They have the experience and expertise to provide a fix for any random issue that might arise, and they have the resources to fill your unexpected situation

       5. Communication
           You have enough to deal with. Let the arrangements between the venue and entertainers be handled by someone else.


On This Day in Music...

2000, George Michael paid £1.45m for the Steinway piano on which John Lennon wrote 'Imagine'. George said, "I know that when my fingers touch the keys of that Steinway, I will feel truly blessed, parting with my money has never been much of a problem, just ask my accountant." The singer outbid Robbie Williams and The Oasis brothers.


October's Artiste of the Month


Beautiful vocally as well as visually, fast becoming one of our most popular female vocalists  Brogan Lacey


Office Tune of the Month

Sexy Summer sounds !!!

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